About Kihansi Scandinavia

Midsummer paradize

Kihansi Scandinavia AB has its office in Dalecarlia of Sweden the real cultur center for tourism in Scandinavia with a lot of folk lore, music and unique and beautiful natur in the Limes Nordlandicus.

Kihansi Tours and Safaris Ltd was established year 1999 and did send 1000 travelers from Sweden, Norway and Finland to Africa every year. On it’s first arranged safari the SMS “Only 2 days and the tour is worth every penny” was received and the customer hadnt even got into Serengeti N.P. which was the main purpose for their adventure (they thought). Higher Added Values was the signum for Kihansi and still are. After 20 years Ake sold Kihansi Afrikaresor Ltd (AB) (Kihansi Tours and Safaris), moved back to Sweden and started Kihansi Scandinavia AB. The grounder Ake is a well educated and experienced tourist designer.


Grounder, with a University degrease in Tourism. Started also www.Afrikaresor.se where he was the CEO for 20 years. With a fingertop feeling for details you can be sure to get unique experiences and Higher Added Values.

His CV is meter long but with a computer science it was easy for him to start a internet based travel agency. Most important for you as traveler is his University degree in tourism and his 25 years experience in designing tours with Higher Added Values.


A big profile with high posts in for instance The Swedish International Church, WWF, Swedish politics, Rotary etc. Guide.


Fotograf, ornitolog, guide, guide teacher, fisherman and a real nature lover and expert.


Acountant but also a Garden Architect with eyes for what is beautiful. She is also a Landscape Architect.


Took over www.afrikaresor.se ie Kihansi Afrikaresor AB (ltd) as CEO from Mars 1, 2019. Proffesional since 10 years in planning and qualifying tourism. Cooperative. See www.afrikaresor.se