The Scandinavian Discovery

To discover The Old World: Sweden and Norway

About Kihansi Scandinavia

Kihansi Tours and Safaris Ltd was established year 1999. Ake Linden and three others had a meeting at Lake Victoria and the Company was established with Oke as CEO. It grow to one of the most wellknown Travel Agencies for Scandinavians interested in Africa. After 20 years Ake sold the Company to Madelene a 36 years professional in tourism. Ake is still working as an expert in Africa.

He had in many years thinking about starting tourism for exploring Sweden and Norway. Showing Scandinavia from the best sides.


Grounder, with a University degrease in Tourism. Started also where he was the CEO for 20 years. With a fingertop feeling for details you can be sure to get unique added values.


A big profile with high posts in for instance The Swedish International Church, WWF, Swedish politics, Rotary etc


Fotograf, ornitolog, guide, guide teacher, fisherman and a real nature lover and expert.


Acountant but also a Garden Architect with eyes for what is beautiful


Took over ie Kihansi Afrikaresor AB (ltd) as CEO from Mars 1, 2019. Proffesional since 10 years in planning and qualifying tourism. Cooperative.